Native Newporter Tours offer several types of unique and diverse small-group tours; all are narrated and include a City map and complimentary beverages. Prices reflect 'public' tours and are based on a four person minimum. Please call for rates and information regarding 'private' tours.

  • “City Tour” - Our most basic and popular tour, in which all the scenic and ‘important’ aspects of Newport are revealed. This tour is deigned to provide a time saving, ‘lay-of-the-land’, get your bearings, overview of Newport through our local knowledge of the City. This tour consists of a drive through Newport, seeing most of the City’s major attractions such as: the 3.5 mile “Cliff Walk”; the Colonial “Point Neighborhood” (the oldest section of Newport); the “Victorian Neighborhood” (fine and unique period architecture); the 10 mile famous Ocean Drive; and of course the Mansions of Newport. This tour lasts approximately 1.5 hour. $25.00 pp
  • "City Tour Plus" - This tour is the "City Tour" and more. This tour will include several guided walking components, with more time being added to see and experience additional sites. This tour lasts approximately 2 hours. $30.00pp
  • "City Tour Plus Mansion" - This tour is the "City Tour Plus" with a 'Mansion' tour included! A ticket and transportation will be provided to and from one of the major mansions: The Elms, the Marble House, Rosecliff, Chateau-sur-Mer, Astor’s Beechwood, Belcourt Castle, and of course the great Vanderbilt 70 room ‘summer cottage‘, the Breakers*. This tour lasts approximately 3 hours. $40.00pp *$45.00pp
  • "Sunrise & Sunset Tours" – This tour is for those who wake early or take their dinner late. Experience Newport before most people start their day, or while most people are enjoying their 'early-bird' dinner specials. This tour is the “City Tour Plus”, private and during ‘off-hours’, either early morning or early evening. This is an ideal opportunity to explore Newport before the crowds or catching the sunset at a location less traveled. This tour will include either coffee or tea and pastries during the “Sunrise Tour”, or beverages of choice and light hors d’oeuvres during the “Sunset Tour”. This tour last approximately 2 hours. $45.00pp
  • "Shutter-Bug Tour" - This tour focuses on the many photo opportunities available in Newport. A photographic journey similar to the "City Tour Plus" but including more stops along the way for photography of key scenic spots INCLUDING the Mansions of Newport. Photographic techniques and assistance will be provided if necessary. This tour will also include a 'souvenir postcard photograph’, taken at your choice of locations, with you as part of the subject AND immediately ready for mailing! This tour lasts approximately 2 hours. $45.00 pp
  • “Mansion Madness Tour” – This tour is the best opportunity to experience as many Mansions as humanly possible in one day! Exclusive access to the grounds, with tickets provided to all the major mansions, including but not limited to the following: The Elms, the Marble House, Rosecliff, Chateau-sur-Mer, Astor’s Beechwood, Belcourt Castle, and of course the great Vanderbilt 70 room ‘summer cottage, the Breakers. This tour lasts as long as necessary! $95.00pp

The following tours require both a two week reservation and a minimum number of persons. The rates are determined by the specifics of each individual tour. Please contact us for further information regarding these special offers.

  • “Arbor Tour” – The outstanding trees of Newport with a local arborist.

  • “Architecture Tour”
  • – The unique architecture of Newport with a professional architect.
  • “Harbor Tour” – The water version of the “City Tour”.

  • “Custom and Private Tour” – Tours tailored to your interests and special needs.

  • “Culinary Delight Tour” – Experience the many styles and tastes of Newport’s restaurants.

  • “Ghost Tour” – A ‘frightening’ way to experience the City’s past residences.
  • “Lobster Tour” – Board a lobster boat to experience what it’s like to make your living from the sea.
  • “Environmental Education Tour” – Learn about and explore Newport’s parks and open space.
  • “Kayak Tour” – A peaceful and healthy way to experience Newport’s most scenic coastline.
  • “Garden Tour” – A unique opportunity to tour some of Newport’s spectacular gardens.
  • ”Public Art Tour” – See the many displays of artwork displayed throughout the City.

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